V. Vijay Shankar

(Managing Director)

I started my career from scratch, way back in 2000.
Being an entrepreneur really excites you. Believing in you and wining others confidence is not easy.
But putting sincere efforts, providing quality service and comment, will never let you fail.
Each day is a new learning, which keeps you moving and making you more stronger.
So I am still learning…I know it's a never ending journey.

It is my strong belief that the success of any company lies in its capability to acquire dedicated team who work hand in hand. It's our responsibility to appreciate and respect, enabling everyone to develop to their full potential. An important task of top management is to ensure that everyone in our company understands our strategy. We call it "Vision 2020" –implementing our planed strategy, step by step. I am confident that my team in Mumbai and other parts of the country will continue to meet the expectations of our Customers in the future, because… whatever we do… we do it with passion!

Yours sincerely,
V. Vijay Shankar

Our Team

Jenious John Shankar

(Manager- Human Resource)

Mrs. Jenious has almost 14 years of experience in Recruitment, training and process development in different Companies like HCL, Converges & Airtel. Her background & tremendous experience will be a great Support for our origination.

Farhan Khan

(National Manager-Operations)

Mr. Farhan comes up with 12 years of experience in IT industry handling team from different level to national level. His experience and work knowledge is solid support to Win Sky India.

Meeta Mehata

(Head -Office Administration)

Mrs. Meeta comes up with 18 years of Experian in handling administration department in Govt. / Public sector companies.

Sunil Singh

(Manager Field Support)

Mr. Sunil brings 11 years of technical, logistics & vendor management experience which he got from different IT Companies. His experience and knowledge is a rock support to team

Baibhav Pandey

(Area Manager- UP & UK)

Mr. Bhaibav comes up with tremendous field knowledge and can handle various activity simultaneously. His customer relation and his team sprit is a big support to the origination.

Raju Shivraj

(Field Supperwiser)

Riyaz Khan

(Interior –Specialist)

Baldhari Kumar

(Painting &Color- Specialist)