General Terms And Conditions:-

We shall operate the facilities 24x7x365.

We shall follow your list of holidays for the Facilities, which are not required round the clock. Only trained and skilled staff will man the facilities. The statutory obligations in respect of the people engaged at your site shall be our responsibility.

The staff will carry proper identity cards and shall be dressed in the proper uniform.

The staff shall maintain discipline and conform to office etiquette

In no event shall we be liable for any consequential loss or damage arising out of or connected with this contract in anyway whatsoever unless proved that the damage is due to negligence or act of Integrated Personnel.

We shall not be liable for damage or destruction of any part or parts of the equipment, which may occur during the process of handling unless it is proved by you the same was owing to any wrongful act or negligence on the part of our personnel.

No liability shall be attached to us for non-performance or delayed execution of this contract as a result of Force Majeure.

This is a confidential document for circulation within your Organization. Looking forward for a long term mutually beneficial business association.

Kindly feel free to contact the undersigned for clarification, if any

Thanks with Regards

V. Vijay Shankar | MD
Win Sky India

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